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  • All work is completed the same day (or on pre-planned days for larger jobs)
  • Work is carried out safely respecting the environment by our fully trained team
  • Fully guaranteed & insured up to £10 million
  • Only the latest equipment used; including stump grinders, chippers & waste removal
  • Our own vehicles remove waste + 100% of garden waste is recycled
  • We undertake any jobs of over half a day & guarantee work to your satisfaction, leaving your property clean & tidy

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Tree Surgeon Services Overview

Looking for a local tree surgeon company near you? End your search here. Based between Milton Keynes and London, Kings Landscapes has all your tree-related needs covered, from tree felling and hedge trimming to stump grinding, chipping and pollarding trees. 

Whether you need tree removal services, are unsure of when to trim your hedges or your trees simply need cutting back, Kings Landscapes delivers a fast, efficient one-stop service for all commercial and residential tree surgery needs – no matter how big the job.

Why Kings Landscapes?

What Is a Tree Surgeon?

First of all, it’s important to know the meaning of tree surgery. In a nutshell, arborcare tree surgeons are responsible for cutting back trees, pruning, planting and the overall treatment, care and maintenance of trees. In fact, a tree surgeon has numerous duties and it’s one of the riskiest professions in the world. We’re based in Milton Keynes but undertake projects countrywide; running 365 days of the year and offering an emergency service 24 hours of the day. With unparalleled experience in tree care and maintenance, we’ve been working in the arboriculture industry for over 15 years – since 2004, to be exact. 

We have a £10 million Product Liability, Professional Indemnity, Employers’ Liability, Public Liability Insurance policies as well as a £4 million Contractors All Risk policy. Kings Landscapes carries out all tree works to the British Standards (BS3998 and BS5837). Our team of experienced arborists, tree surgeons, climbers and groundsmen have the relevant tree surgeon qualifications – they’re CHAS accredited and fully CSCS trained to BS3998 and BS5837. So, rest assured – all works will be executed to the highest possible standards.

Kings Landscapes Tree Surgery Services

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Tree Surgeon Services

Our experts have the knowhow to tackle any tree-related job, from simple hedge trimming services to tree felling and removal. So, how can our skilled tree surgeons help you?

Tree Felling/Cutting

What is tree felling? Essentially, it’s the process of cutting down individual trees. Our specialists are equipped with full tree felling licenses to fell any size tree, in any location. If a tree is diseased or has been harmed by a storm or other such forces, it’ll need to be felled if pruning techniques fail.  

 It may also be necessary to fell a tree if it’s been damaged by a property or other environmental circumstances. For example, if a tree sits in very close proximity to a house or other property, the roots can disturb the foundations. This results in subsidence. We use the correct equipment and skills to carry out the procedure safely and efficiently.  

Tree Felling/Cutting

Emergency Tree Work

In the event of an emergency situation regarding your trees, whether on commercial or residential property, a quick and efficient response service is key.  

Kings Landscapes experienced arborists are on hand to assist you when you need it most with an emergency work, whatever the size of the problemWe offer 24-hour emergency services for dangerous and storm-damaged trees that have caused damage to your property.  

Emergency Tree Work

Tree Pollarding/Pruning

What is pollarding tree, exactly? Why pollard a tree? And when should you pollard one? We’ve got you covered. The process involves the removal of all growth back to a set point on the main and secondary stems (this depends on the type of tree). This encourages a thicker head of foliage and branches, helping maintain trees at a fixed height. Essentially, it’s a more intense form of pruning.  

Once a tree has been pollarded, it’s vital to re-pollard frequently. If a tree is left uncontrolled, trees that have been pollarded can sometimes die because of the increased regrowth from one point. It’s vital to have a fixed maintenance schedule in place to prevent the risk of failure. From pollarding fruit trees and oak trees to ash trees and willow trees, there’s no job too big for us.  

Tree Pollarding/Pruning

Stump Grinding & Chipping

Have an above-ground tree stump that’s causing problems in your garden or grounds? Need tree chipping services? Stump grinding is an effective technique of tree stump removal involving grinding the stump out from the ground instead of pulling it out.  

We simply grind the stump down using hand tools (for smaller stumps) or using machinery (stump grinder). And did you know? The wood chip mulch around trees caused by stump grinding can be used as fuel for boilers, as a pretty addition to property or insulation. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy using the chipping, we’ll happily take it away from your property and dispose of it appropriately.  

Stump Grinding

Hedge Trimming

Looking for a hedge trimming service near you? Look no further. From trimming box hedges to removing a dead hedge, our teams are trained professionals and specialise in trimming hedges. With over 15 years’ experience in residential and commercial hedge maintenance, you can rely on Kings Landscapes to get the job done.  

Whether you need a regular trimming service or a one-off reduction in hedge size, height or shape, we provide a highly skilled, proficient service to help exploit the potential of your hedges. We use top-quality equipment to reduce the overall size and height of your hedge and sculpt it into a more uniform shape. Or, if you prefer, we can mould the hedge to suit a design of your liking such as hedge archways. 

Hedge Trimming

Tree and Garden Waste Removal

Can’t find a decent spot in your garden to put your deck chair or chaise-longue, as there’s green waste everywhere? Had some gardening work done but been left with tons of post-job waste? We have years of expertise and the perfect skills to transform your garden into a place you’ll love spending time in again.  

We offer a green waste removal service so there’ll be no grass cuttings, tree branches or turf in sight. And we’ll take unwanted trees and garden waste to a suitable tip. If you leave stacks of rubbish and waste in your garden, it can cause vermin to plague it. Not only that, it can look unattractive and attract a raft of diseases from pests like rodents. We’ll visit your home and take a look at your requirements and offer you a free garden clearance quote at the same time.

Tree And Garden Waste Removal

Crown Lifting & Crown Reduction

Want to increase the clearance between the ground level and lower branches of a tree so there’s access underneath? Need to improve views or allow light to access the ground? 

We can remove the lower branches of a tree, so the base of the crown is heightened and lifted. This allows access below the tree, especially for vehicles and can improve light levels considerablyWhat’s more, this procedure can eliminate obstruction with structures or property, like telephone lines and fences. 

Crown Lifting

Log Splitting

Do you have large, unmanageable rings of timber? We’ll come to your property and use our equipment to turn it into useable timber.  

 Our log splitter will cut a range of softwoods and hardwoods effortlessly into firewood ready to use or season. So, if you have a pile of logs to split or have had a tree taken down and want to turn it into firewood, give us a shout. We can even supply additional firewood and logs to you at a very reasonable price. 

Log Splitting

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Residential and Commercial Scale

We’ve been the contractor of choice for a number of residential and commercial clients, which we believe is testament to the quality of our work and the high level of customer service we provide.

We’ve worked with a whole host of residential customers, including the likes of Chelsea Flower Show and Nuffield Health. Commercial clients have included business parks, local councils, power stations as well as Bletchley Park and Royal Wharf.

Kings Landscapes takes on one-off projects or annual maintenance contracts to guarantee the health and safety of your trees. Our projects range from half a day to many months of work – for either domestic or commercial clients.

We have resource for large projects but can scale down for residential work, although we don’t carry out very small jobs such as the pruning of a single, small tree.

Whether you need tree removal, pollarding, pruning, site clearance, tree shaping or chipping, we provide safe, efficient and sustainable tree work for supermarkets, schools, landscape architects, construction companies and many more.

How Much Do Tree Surgeons Charge?

For tree felling costs and tree surgeon prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 01908 585220. All quotes are completely free of charge.

Our skilled in-house, customer-focused workforce have a great understanding of arboriculture and know exactly what it takes to get first-class results.

From pollarding lime trees and beech hedge trimming to cutting tree roots and trimming laurel hedges, each and every job is assessed individually, providing quotes based on your requirements. Our company is trustworthy and dependable – your trees are in safe hands.

What’s more, all our work is fully insured and guaranteed. Our tree surgeon insurance includes:

  • Professional Indemnity – £10 million
  • Product Liability – £10 million
  • Employers Liability Cover – £10 million.
  • Public Liability Insurance – £10 Million
  • Contractors All Risk – £4 million

Whatever the scope or degree of tree surgery you need, you can be confident you’ll be working with professionals who deliver an adept and friendly service.